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Gemonde 2017


Choreograaf Muziek Video Muren Tellen
Looked into my eyes Arthur van Houten Paralyzed - Roniie McDowell 4 64
If you only knew Daisy Simons If you only knew - The Mavericks 4 32
Revenge of a middle aged woman Lizzle Clark, Rob Fowler, Max Perry Revenge of a middle aged woman - Tracy Byrd X 4 48
The music man Sandra Speck & Paul Bailey The music man - Paul Bailey 2 64
Solid as a rock Tonnie Vos Solid as a rock - Thomas Maguire & Fhiona Ennis 4 32
Valentine's day Stefano Ciaccio & Sharon Angeloni On vit sur L'Amour - Brian Mallery 32
Dangerous games Karl-Harry Winson I feel a sin comin' on - Jason McCoy 4 48
Funky Sole Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson Old time rock 'n roll - Michael Bolton 4 64
Never get old Jeff Camps & Daisy Simons I need never get old - Nathaniel Rateliff 4 64
Hole down in my heart Severine Fillon, Roy Verdonk, Rob Fowler Hole down in my heart - Sam Outlaw 4 32
Southern thing Rob Fowler & Darren Bailey Ain't just a Southern thing - Alan Jackson 2 64
Ride with me Daisy Simons Ride with me - The mavericks 4 48